February 7, 2010


ATWA is Charles Mansons’ word, which stands for Air Trees Water Animals, all life on earth as one. We know that all life is in serious danger as a result of human behavior (pollution). It is much more urgent a problem then the mainstream of people are led to believe and recognize. Because this is such a simple truth, I believe that many or most peoples’ minds find it difficult to understand this as reality. The worlds people must realize that we must act NOW. In light of all our capabilities as a world civilization, setting goals for 2020 or later is pure insanity, and obviously a stall by the ones whose only interest is profit and comfort, with total disregard for life and the reality of the situation we are dealing with. We’ve already lost it, now we have a chance to redeem it, before it is too late.

The significance of Charles Manson regarding ATWA is that HE is the one who knows what to do, and how to bring order and justice to our world so that we may survive as life forms on this planet. He will set all the systems in efficient order, if only he is allowed the authority to do so. He has been telling the world for over 40 years that we MUST stop polluting our air, cutting our trees, poisoning and damming our water, and slaughtering our wildlife, or we do not have a life here on this planet. Manson is something that no other man is: He has no other agenda then to fix, redeem, and serve life on earth. There is no lie, ego games, or slack in his act. He understands and respects military and chain of command. He knows that the only way to accomplish our goal of redemption is through the military and the law.

World leaders must take up their responsibilities to protect their part of the earth, or another will rise and do it. If not, there will be no life on Earth. All of our earths’ remaining forests, natural lands, and waters must be fiercely protected, without compromise.

As long as money, power, and greed control our civilizations, there is no hope of making the changes that need to be made if we are going to stop the pollution and save our life on Earth.

The longer we wait, the more horrible the consequences will be. If we do not make the necessary changes, we will not survive. We must redeem life on Earth. It has to be all people working for the same goal: Survival of life. Charles Manson has said that we cannot stop polluting a river in one place, and keep polluting it in a different place downstream. That same concept applies to the entire planet and all of its people. It all works as one, and there is no place on earth that is not affected by the poison we, as humans, are polluting it with on such a grand scale. We cannot make positive changes in some countries, and not in others. We need a world order to survive.

Manson possesses the wisdom and capability of handling this global crisis on a global scale. He knows what must be done.

December, 2009

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