June 21, 2013

New Guinea

Papua New Guinea has the world's third largest tropical rainforest, after the Amazon and the Congo.


I overheard part of a conversation the other day. The person said,
"penguins of madagascar......."
I said, "what did you just say?"
She said, "the penguins of madagascar"
"There ain't no PENGUINS in Madagascar"
"Oh, no, it's a show on TV"

These movies, toys and videogames are warping our childrens minds, but how would WE know any better? We grew up with it too. My mother used to feed me hamburgers, candy, and all sorts of things. I didn't know any better.
Mommy is feeding it to me, so it must be OK............
So, now there's a show, Penguins of Madagascar...............
What about the REALITY of Madagascar?
Does anyone know where it is?
Does anyone really know what's going on there?

Here's a little reality update, if you're interested in the REAL Madagascar:
Madagascar is a large island off the southeastern coast of Africa.
Origionally, it was a rainforest island.
Madagascar has only 10% of its forests left.
There is currently a "transitional" government "in charge". The president, Andry Rajoelina, and his government are allowing CMA-CMG Delmas, a French shipping company to support the cutting of rosewoods and other hardwood trees. They are reportedly shipping the logs to China. French President Nicolas Sarkozy claims to be fighting deforestation, but at the same time, his government approves the shipment of illegally logged rosewoods from Madagascar.
The animals not only have to deal with the destruction of their land and home, but poaching and wildlife trade as well.

As always, it is the business owners, bankers and governments that are perpetrating and allowing these crimes against our world. All the while, we sit in front of our TVs, eating so called food that is laced with chemicals, drinking our floride water, or better yet, beer. We sit around and let the wealthy owners/abusers of OUR planet completely warp our childrens' sense of reality. They will do this as long as they can get away with it.

The logging crisis began in March of 2009 when destabilization following a government coup allowed loggers to enter several of Madagascar's world-renowned parks and illegally log rosewood and other valuable trees. Tens of thousands of hectares were logged in Madagascar's most biodiverse rainforests, which also sparked a rise in bushmeat trafficking of lemurs. Since the coup, donor nations have drastically cut their aid to Madagascar. The transitional government has turned to the illegal trade in rosewood from its national parks to retain its grip on power. The shipment is expected to leave the port of Vohemar in Madagascar on March 16-17th. Schuurman says that the ship is likely bound for China, which does not have regulations like Europe and the US against trading in illegally logged woods.

From Dr. Glen Barry, President of Ecological Internet:

"Madagascar is down to its last biodiverse rainforest remnants amongst a sea of poverty. There will be no chance of national advancement if final logging of rare rosewood continues. Papua, New Guinea contains Earth’s third largest remaining rainforest tracts, yet the country is mid-boom with huge areas being logged without landowner prior and informed consent. In both cases corruption endemic to the tropical timber trade – and conservationists unwillingness to take a stand against old forest logging – are dooming these millions of year old primeval ecosystems to be lost forever. It is questionable whether the Earth System will function and whether the Earth will remain habitable without these ecosystems."
Most of the Earths' dominant species (humans) have no idea
of how valuable this planet really is.
All of the wonderful animals, plants, foods, herbs......
Our minds are so small, our world so big,
but we now have such advanced technology in communications skills.
We have the ability to become aware of realities all over the planet.
We must, as the designated keepers of this planet, use our forces and technologies for the redemption and preservation of our planet,
not exploitation and destruction of it.
Bottom line: The Air you're breathing is more important then the money you're spending.

August 16, 2010

Planets Orbiting Stars - Life Is Fragile!

I am currently reading through the National Geographics' new magazine, "The New Universe" (ok so the mainstream scientific community is probably as fucked up as the rest of this society, but anyway...). Ever since I was a very young girl, I have studied outer space because of an odd, genuine interest. So, I "get" a lot of the lingo and I've got a relatively good understanding of how things work out there (or at least, how THEY SAY it works).

Now, I'd like to communicate some understanding that makes a good explanation of perspective on this "we're killing our fuckin planet and that means we die with it" message that Charlie and others have been trying to tell the world ever since that damn industrial revolution. This planet is NOT infinite, people!!

To start, the sun that gives our planet life is an average sized star in the Milky Way galaxy. This star has some planets orbiting around it. You know them, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, and so on.....
Our planet, Earth, lies within the habitable zone of the solar system (scientists looking for life on planets orbiting other stars call this the "Goldilocks zone"). That means, basically, we are far enough away from the sun to not burn up, and close enough to it to not freeze, thus, life is possible on the planet. I just found out that scientists, to date, have discovered more than 400 planets orbiting around other stars in our galaxy. Pretty interesting, huh? Most of these planets are the size of Jupiter (which is really big), and they have yet to find a planet in the habitable zone of its' solar system. I also just found out something very interesting about the planet Venus from this magazine. Venus has an atmosphere that is so thick with greenhouse gasses (like carbon dioxide), that when radiation from the sun reaches the planet, bounces off, and heads back towards the atmosphere, it is unable to escape that thick atmosphere, and it bounces back down to the planet. This makes Venus the hottest planet, even though Mercury is a lot closer to the sun. A section of the magazine spotlights each of our neighboring planets, and as I read through each one, I was struck with the undeniable realization of how extremely fragile life is in the universe. I mean, this planet is like a microscopic floating bubble, in the big scheme of this galaxy, and there are an endless number of galaxies in the universe! (woa, man...)

But seriously, the complex conditions that life requires to survive and thrive on a planet.... Think about it, we humans are, IN FACT, killing this planet. We are compromising the balance that makes our survival on this planet possible. There is no legitimate argument against that fact. Life on this planet, and its' complex support systems, is known as the biosphere. Without a biosphere, this planet is as worthless as any other ball of rock floating around a star.

We look up at the sky with our tiny minds, and we think, "that's endless, it goes on forever, we could never destroy that". Wrong. Although, the Earth and sky may seem absolutely huge in comparison with ourselves, we must now also consider the absolutely huge HUMAN POPULATION. I believe we are just reaching 7 Billion. That number is overwhelmingly parasitic (see below, my post about human population). We CANNOT continue to kill our trees. The United States used to be a forest. All the places that are now covered with cement used to be forests, or some other kind of natural ecosystem. We CANNOT continue putting pollution in the air, and putting chemicals onto the land and into the water! We are even pumping our children full of chemicals! What is going on here? Humans are operating on a level that is hard for most individuals to comprehend. You must come to a global perspective in order to realize the immense scale of this problem. It's our lives and the life of the planet that's at risk here. Our world society is so advanced, that we can talk to people across the ocean in real-time, we can take photos of things a million light years away with our Hubble Space telescope, yet we can't get our shit together and change over to a sustainable system of living on our own planet. This is so frustrating!

I think you get the picture, I know I'm preaching to the choir, so I'll leave you with this thought:

I would love to invite all the brain dead meatballs that won't submit to this reality, to go try and live in outer space. Please go! After all, you don't really need this planet. You can take all the money with you, you can have it all! And us "tree huggers" will be left in the dirt with our bugs and lizards. Now wouldn't that be nice? (Who's with me?)

(A friend of mine just said, at the end there's gonna be a big echo that says "IDIOTS!")

March 8, 2010

Human Population Must Go Down

- AD 0, the world human population was around 300 million.
- AD 1000, population had grown to only 310 million in 1000 years.
- By the 1800s, population finally reached 1 billion.
- 1927, 2 billion
- 1960, 3 billion
-1974, 4 billion
-1987, 5 billion
-1999, 6 billion
-2010, near 7 billion

The human population growth curve is exponential. This is extremely parasitic activity. There must be an orderly, significant drop in the rate of human reproduction, or billions will die chaotically in the near future. As you can see in this graph of human population throughout time, naturally, there should be less then 1 billion people on Earth. However, considering our technological abilities, it is my educated guess that our planet could comfortably sustain 3-4 billion humans.

This graph shows that Asia (in dark blue) holds 4 billion of the worlds 6.8 billion people. As an example of how dramatic the problem is, it projects 9 billion by the year 2054.

The death rate decreases significantly as technology increases. With science and chemicals, humans are able to defeat enemies that are too small to see. Bacteria and diseases serve the purpose of preventing any one species from becoming too dominant.

February 19, 2010

Statement from Charles Manson, 2-18-2010

This is a statement. This is a new statement for the media that I’m involved in:
A person, or a body of people, I’m talking to the body of people. My media, the media that I’m involved in. All the people that listen to my thoughts and have consideration for the life that I’m living in. My life is their life and their life is mine. Am I communicating?

The person, or a body of people who have thought, are that thought. If a religion or church, person or body of people think they are the only church, that there is no other god or church but them, that thought is thinking there is another. That way of thinking that thought is thinking there is another, and that other that they are thinking is what they think. The real God, body, Will of God, don’t think there is another. They know there is not. The one of god is all, and even if there is thoughts of other gods, would be all that also. It is like, you can’t divide water with a dam because water is still water on all sides. There is no two to god. Two is only one in two parts. That what says they are one must be thinking there is another. The one don’t think there is another. The one don’t think there is another because there is not another.
BC, before Christ, in mans’ mind now, from the pyramids are becoming the coming of Christ. And the going and falling down of the civilization is the South rising again. One and one, it’s still one, in two parts. The coming of love is the going of frustration and hate. Peace of mind is in the grave, slave, and the Will of God is: going backwards. Bin Laden is Vietcong Charlie. Peace on Earth. We want our peace on Earth.

The Mind of ManSon.

February 7, 2010

ATWA and Charles Manson - A Statement of Witness

Charles Manson envisioned the word ATWA, meaning Air, Trees, Water, and Animals, to represent our life support system on the planet Earth. It also means All the Way Alive.

There is only ONE. One Air, one Water, one God. ATWA is God, for without air, without water, there is no you, no me, no life on Earth to have or hold a god.

The mass media has only lied and covered up the truth, hiding the efforts of many people to show that Charles Manson is order and life, not confusion and death.

Manson has served All Life for over 60 years from his prison cell grave. Brother to all men, Charles stands in honor and truth and brings this world to now, with the order and solutions to redeem our survival on earth.


Personally knowing Charles Manson, it upsets me on some level to see the lies they say about him on TV. They have NO idea what or who they’re talking about!

The perfect example of a “Catch 22” is Charles Manson speaking to the media. No matter WHAT he says, it has already been deemed insane. How can you explain anything when people have already made up their minds that you’re crazy?! Think about it, you know that whatever is on TV is not in the peoples’ best interests. You know they don’t have a clue about anything. If you don’t get it by now, it doesn’t even matter.

We humans are living in an artificial world of concrete and plastic. There are a lot of TV heads that are too ignorant to recognize God and Truth. Their god is money, twisted sex perversions, and ego- a narrow minded lust for comfort.

If you put a plastic bag over your head, you would learn real quick what God is. GOD is AIR. That’s number one. ATWA= AIR-TREES-WATER-ANIMALS: Your survival on planet Earth. Anything polluting our air and water is going against Gods’ Will, which is Life. It’s as simple as that, and it’s what Charles Manson has been telling the world for over 40 years.

Life on this planet will survive, with or without humans. You’d best save yourselves a lot of horror and suffering, and put Manson in his rightful place of command. The human world is falling apart, pulling the rest of the earth down with it. The answer to the problem is in a cell in Corcoran State Prison. It is time to wise up and listen to the wise man, if you want to survive.

Star 2009

He saved my life... he never lied to me. I've watched as one by one the things he told me have come to pass, although at the time they made little sense to me. Now is the time to put energy back into the Earth. We've already taken too much out. Think about it... we cannot survive without the Earth. I'm pretty sure the Earth would survive without our input, that is, if we leave enough of it to survive. The government, the courts, the churches, the schools, the newspapers, the T.V., they all lie to us every day. Money is a cheap trick and no trade for life. We need to turn things around NOW. ATWA - That has always been his thought, the direction he has always pointed. He never deserved what he got. Isn’t that the way of things... you give love and tell the truth, they hunt you down, name you the devil, and try to take away your life.

Silver 2009

'I decided to go into the mountains to talk to God, to apologize for 1900 years of this mess. That's when they got me and brought me here.''

Charles Manson, 1970

When Charles Manson was arrested with a band of young survivalists in Death Valley in 1969, it wasn't murder for which they were apprehended, but for the destruction of earth-moving equipment being used to destroy waterholes, build roads and tear up land. Asked if he had anything to say to the world, Manson replied, ''Get back to the Horse". Forty years later, Manson has remained steadfast in his message of ecological balance and the need for purification and harmony on Earth.

From the smog covered corner beneath the Hall of Justice in the 1970’s, on their knees Manson's allies spoke for the Earth, they fought for the Earth and they lived ON THE EARTH. The media covered it up and are continuing to cover it up to this day. It was not brainwashing that moved his band, it was love, it was music, it was loyalty to the war against pollution, lies and confusion.

ATWA was created from the bottom, like a seed that starts under the ground. Charles Manson and the Family of Infinite Soul gave their lives to stop the world from being destroyed. They gave all to bring ATWA into reality, to bring this world to one thought.

Now, we must transcend the media brainwash, turn and face our children and our dying world. Become one heart, one mind, and work to redeem the Air, the Trees, the Water, and the Animals, which includes us. Manson is your reflection, if you wish to understand him you will need to know yourself first and be willing to face yourself and the way you live your life.

We are all breathing the same air. Whoever sins against our air by polluting it or destroying the green, the trees that give us our air, is a criminal and must face a World Court that has no mercy for transgressors. Everyone was and has been warned. You are either working for ATWA, or you will simply cease to exist.

Under Mansons’ authority there will be no movies, no sports or music for entertainment; only work. One world, working to clean and support the air and water and protect the trees and animals. Prisons will be farms producing their own food. All schools, all jobs, must and will serve life’s survival or they too will fade away. Our money will function only in service to the people and ATWA, not as a tool for greed, corruption or control.

This message is urgent. There is no time for lies, competition or personal games of ego and ambition. We must give Charles Manson the authority, the authority to bring order to our world, one world in service to Life.